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Crossover Sound Company

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We supply sound for small, medium & large rooms, in & outdoor venues, retirements, business luncheons, funerals, corporate & birthday parties, live bands, political rally’s, we also can supply DJ services. Satisfied customers include, The California NAACP State Convention, The Berkeley Juneteenth Festival. The Black Chamber of Commerce,  Kwanza at the Marriot, The Lend a Hand Foundation, The Charles Houston Bar Association, political events for Ron Dellums, Keith Carson & Sandre Swanson, SEIU & much more.

Also let us design your party pamphlets, event brochures, etc. via Bluelady.

Paul Tillman Smith, president of Crossover Sound Company and  also owns Chump Change Records, which has a new CD release featuring American Idol finalist Donnie Williams & his band Park Place with special guest vocals by Latoya London and Donnie’s sister Terrell Williams. Order at www.cdbaby.com

Codi Smith is the Art Director for Chump Change Records and founder of Bluelady. He has a degree in Industrial Arts from S.F. State University and is the web developer for Block Report Radio on KPFA 94.1 FM. Bluelady also designs CD covers, CD booklets, posters, flyers, etc.


Speakers: Mains

Yamaha dual 215 speakers 15 inch. 1 set

JBL dual 125 15 inch speakers. 1 set

Yamaha 115 speakers 15 inch, 2 sets

Community Speakers 15 inch. 1 set



Yamaha 118’s.  18 inch. 2 sets

JBL’s 18’s. 1 set



Yamaha Speakers 15 inch. 1 set

Community  Speakers 12 inch .1 set

Yamaha Speakers 12 inch. 1 set

JBL Speakers 12 inch. 1 set


Power Amps

QSC 4050. 2000 watts per channel (2)

Crown 4000. 1500 watts per channel (2)

Crown 2000. 1000 watts per channel (1)

Crown 1000. 500 watts per channel  (2)

Berhinger 2500. 1500 watts per channel (1)

QSC 2450 . 750 watts per channel (1)

Mackie 808. 8 channel 600 watt mixer

Peavey 6 channel 600 watt mixer



Nady; Drum Mic’s  (5)

Shures: includes sm58’s, 57’s, Beta: EV’s. Sennheiser, Audix: M5&6 Sony  (24)

Chordless Mic’s:  Shure and Sennheiser 



100 ft. 24 outlets. 25 ft. 16 outlets.  Speaker snake: 100 ft.

Direct Boxes - 5                                         


Mixing Boards

Allen & Heath Mixer: 24 channels. Main - 6 monitor outs

Berhinger: 24 Channel mixer: 2 monitor outs: Back up

Mackie: 16 Channel mixer : for mains or monitors


Effect Units

Crossover Sound Maximizer  (1)

Lexicon Channel Processor. 24 bit Dual mpx 500  (1)

DBX 1231 32 Band equalizer (2)  monitors and mains.

DBX 266 xl Compressor gate. (2) for monitors and mains



Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums

Assemblyman Sandre Swanson

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Supervisor Keith Carson

The Berkeley Juneteenth Festival

The Lakeside Festival

The San Jose Music Festival: featuring Rose Royce, Con Function and Bobb Caldwell

The Downtown Oakland  Thursday’s Summer Music Series.

The Barnes and Nobel Gospel Fest.

The Bay Area Black Newspaper Conglomerate

The Black Chamber of commerce

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