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Park Place - Steps

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The ”Steps” CD, produced by drummer and bandleader Paul Tillman Smith, features the Park Place Band with special guest vocalist Donnie Williams, a 2004 American Idol finalist. Donnie missed his chance to become an American Idol winner because of a DUI. He later attended AA meetings, which educated him about the dangers of alcohol abuse. Park Place would like to spread the message about the dangers of alcohol and drug use to young and old alike. Also, the New York office of AA (Alcohol Anonymous) gave Chump Change Records permission to use the twelve steps of recovery in a beautiful musical and spoken-word dialogue.

Park Place - Steps

The “Steps” CD has been designed for everyone to enjoy, and proceeds will not only go to help recovering addicts but also to benefit people recovering from other misfortunes, e.g., foster care, domestic violence, incest, homelessness, or the senseless murder of a loved one. Most importantly, we hope the greatest use of this product will be as a spiritual tool for people who are in early recovery from afflictions of all types. It is our belief that if you reach for your Higher Power and continue to pray for deliverance from personal obstacles, miracles do happen.


The song “Higher Power,” featured on the Park Place “Steps” CD featuring Donnie Williams, won the Tyler Perry national contest for the best original video and inspirational song. The contest was co-sponsored by Lions Gate films, BET, and Pastor Marvin Winan’s who stated that “Higher Power” was the winner by far. Go to Chumpchange.com and see the video, written and produced by Chump Change Records executive and Park Place bandleader Paul Tillman Smith.

Proceeds from the sale of this product, minus royalties, manufacturing, and distribution costs, will go to benefit individuals and programs involved in supporting people recovering from all types of afflictions. One of the great tenets of recovery is that you can’t do it alone. In respect of this principle, The Thru Power Foundation in conjunction with Chump Change Records seeks partnerships with those who can put this product in the hands of the people who would benefit most from hearing it. Additionally, the best way to experience the music of “Steps” is live. Something phenomenal happens to people, especially recovering addicts, upon hearing the music performed on stage. The goal is to take our “Recovery Musical and Spoken Word Extravaganza” across the world to perform for both public and private treatment centers, recovery venues, and temples of worship. Ironically, when an addict is practicing his or her addiction, often there is nothing they won’t do to satisfy that addiction. Therefore, for recovering addicts, helping to fund or donating to this product will be an excellent way to spend some of those post- addiction dollars, and the world will be better for it. Finally, our primary goal is to offer scholarships to those individuals who are overcoming their hardships and show the willingness to improve their lives through scholastic and personal achievement.

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