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Park Place ft Donnie Williams - The Power

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“The  Power” CD features 2004 American Idol finalist Donnie Williams with special guest stars. Donnie missed his chance to become an American Idol winner because of a DUI, which caused him to be removed prematurely from the competition.  Part Of Donnie’s traffic fine called for him to attend AA meetings, which has helped to educate him about the dangers of alcohol abuse. Donnie, through song is the perfect candidate to spread the message about the dangers of alcohol and drug use to young and old alike. Most importantly, this product has been sanctioned by the New York office of AA (Alcohol Anonymous).

Donnie Williams - The Power

 “The Power” CD has been designed for everyone to enjoy and it is hoped that its greatest use will be as a meditation tool for people who are in early recovery from addictions of all types, and who follow one of the twelve step programs of recovery. For those who are looking for renewed faith, let this product be your sanctuary guiding you on your journey back from the abyss of self- destruction. While on your journey let “The Power” help you find a new beginning over- flowing with hope and new found spirituality. Like a “lyrical angel” there to comfort you when you are alone and uncertain, “The Power” will be there to support you as you explore the inner complexities of the self while strengthening your resolve to find new solutions to ancient problems. In your prayerful vigilance and silent sincerity miracles do happen. You will become a better person. Just keep studying the steps one at a time a day at a time, while you travel the path towards an ever- lasting recovery.


“The song “Higher Power” which many consider to be the “National Anthem of Recovery” was born on the bottom of addiction and has already saved lives. It would be nice to just give “The Power” CD away free to anyone who truly needed it, which is the author’s desire.  With that in mind, the proceeds from the sale of this product other than the royalties owed against plus manufacturing and distribution costs, will go to benefit individuals and programs involved in supporting people recovering from all types of addictions. One of the great tenets of recovery is that you can’t do it alone. In respect of this principle, ChumpChange Records in conjunction with its non profit arm “The Higher Power Project”, welcomes all positive input from anyone who can put this product into the hands of those people who would benefit most from hearing it.

Lovingly, we welcome those organizations and individuals who are willing to donate funding for the marketing & dissemination of the Higher Power product. Additionally, the best way to experience the music of ‘The Power” is live. Something phenomenal happens to people particularly recovering addicts upon hearing the music performed on stage. The goal is to take our “Recovery Musical and Spoken Word Extravaganza” across the nation performing for both public and private treatment centers and recovery conventions. Ironically, when an addict is practicing his or her addiction often there is nothing they won’t do to satisfy that addiction. Therefore for recovering addicts, helping to fund or donating to this product would be an excellent way to spend some of those post addiction dollars and the world would be better off for it.

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